As an artist who values rationality, I believe painting is not just a medium for expressing emotions and feelings but also a place to visualize reason and rationality. For me, making art is a meditative process, and the emotions and feelings expressed through my art are processed through reason and calculation. My art serves as the quiet house after fanaticism. I have lived in both China and America, and I have seen the problems of both unbearable strictness and overwhelmingly freedom. Therefore, instead of choosing a specific side, I prefer to find and maintain the harmony and balance of opposites through my art. Within my paintings, I reduce the human figure into its most basic forms, and then I repeat the figure over and over again until the individual is lost in a collective pattern. Therefore, I create two different perspectives in my paintings. When you look at my paintings closer, they are figurative and organic, but they are minimalistic and mechanical when you look at them further. These changes from close to far, from micro to macro, address my understanding of how physical structures dictate individuals' daily lives. Although I address the oppressive nature of structure through my paintings, I am still searching for transcendental moments in my art practice. I have introduced the waves, the darkness, and the shaped frames; these elements have religious heaviness without specific religious or cultural background. They could be infinite and unexplainable, but their heaviness should be able to balance the weight of the oppressive structure.